The “French Lake” nature reserve.

Within the distance of 2 km our guests can enjoy the Sałk Lake, also locally known as the French Lake (the name derives from the times of Napoleon’s military campaign when the local peasants drowned a few French soldiers in the lake as a revenge for disgracing a Polish girl). The lake is a part of a nature sanctuary called also “The French Lake”. It is the highest in north Poland and its altitude is 285 m above the sea level. The lake can be visited by walking a beautiful didactic path which begins at the peak of the Dylewska Mountain.


The didactic path

The path has been created and organised by the Forestry Management of Olsztynek. It leads through a picturesque area and is approx 2 km long. Along the whole path the tourists can enjoy thematic didactic boards, which tell some of the secrets of the forest and its inhabitants. The path includes also a playground for the younger tourists.


Within one kilometre the tourist can enjoy a luxurious SPA Hotel of Dr Irena Eris, where one can receive all kind of beautifying treatments.
Another interesting place is an old railway viaduct of the former Prussian railway in Glaznoty (a village 3 km from Wysoka Wieś), to which one can cycle through a picturesque bicycle path.

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